Automatic Pod Cast News Feed (APCN) BETA

Made By Michael Falzon (
Last update on the 24 December, 2007


Now your asking why ?

1. Well it was more to know how to use festival text2wav and lame (mp3)

2. As this is done by the system it will keep up to date without my help (unlike most Pod Casts)

3. I have an Ipod and like to have the feed read out to me =)

4. Some adults and kides can't read will OR don't get what he/she is reading



This was more of a test but I still kept it just for fun

Update at 5:45 am everyday. Please note this is only good if your living in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

1. Forecast for Melbourne


Pod Cost

None So far ..... working on it ......




Like to know what I used

- What I made most of this with....

- As you can see webpage is not my thing but I love using Bluefish

- Festival - a text-to-speech system.

- Lame - create mp3 audio files

- Text2wave part of festival

Os and programs are GPL, open and free ( this is why this is free for you all )